How to Embed a Word Document in Excel

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Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are useful tools for crunching numbers and displaying calculations, while Microsoft Word is intended for typing up reports and explanations. You can bring the two together by embedding a Word document in an Excel spreadsheet. Word documents can be added a document already created in Word or you can embed a new Word file from Excel. Using Word, you can create text to go along with the numbers in the spreadsheet. You can even add graphics from Word to make the spreadsheet more professional and meaningful to the non-numbers crowd.

Open Excel and the spreadsheet to embed the Word document in. Click on the "Insert" tab, and then click "Object" in the Text group. The Object dialogue box appears.

Click on the "Create from File" tab, and then click the "Browse" button. Navigate to the file you want to add and click "Insert."

Choose any optional options. If you want to save room in the spreadsheet, click the "Display as Icon" checkbox. This inserts a Word document icon. You can double-click on the icon to display the file. If you plan on continuing to work on the Word file in Word, but want the file information to update automatically in the Excel spreadsheet, click the "Link to File" checkbox.

Click "OK" to add a Word file to Excel.

Open Excel and a spreadsheet to work with. Click on the "Insert" tab, and then click "Object" in the Text group.

Select the "Create from New" tab. Select "Microsoft Office Word Document" from the Object Type list (you will need to scroll to find it).

Click "OK" to insert a Word document window in the spreadsheet. You can type in the document window as you would in a Word document. Notice that the Excel Ribbon has changed to reflect Word tools instead of Excel tools.

Type your document. You can insert graphics, use WordArt, add styles or apply other features available in Word. To return to the Excel spreadsheet, click off the document window. You can expand the Word document window in Excel by selecting the document window and dragging any of the handles. To return to the Word document, double-click the Word document window.

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