How to Open .DB Files

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File extension .dB is a database. A database is a structured format of storing information in tables. Programs such as Microsoft Office Access and Microsoft Office Excel open and manage .dB files. Tables can be edited or deleted inside a database file. WordPad is a program available on all Windows computers.

WordPad will open a .dB file but will not show it in a neatly organised format. However, you will still be able to read the data and open the file.

Click on the "Start" icon and select "All Programs."

Click on the folder "Microsoft Office."

Click on the icon for "Microsoft Office Access" to open the program.

Click on "File" and select "Open."

Navigate to the .dB file you wish to open.

Double-click on the .dB filename. The database file will launch in Access.

Click on the "Microsoft Office" folder.

Select "Microsoft Office Excel."

Click on "File" and select "Open."

Select "All Files" from the file type area.

Double-click on the .dB file you wish to open. The database file will load in Excel.

Locate the .dB file you wish to open. Click on "Start," "My Documents" to find database files stored in the My Documents folder.

Right-click on the .dB file and select the "Open With" option.

Click on "Choose Program."

Uncheck the "Always Use the Selected Program When Opening This Kind of File" option.

Click on "Other Programs." Double-click the "WordPad" icon on the list. This will open the .dB database in a WordPad file.