How to convert Word to JPEG on a Mac

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The JPEG file format is a widely-accepted format used for image files, particularly when you need to insert a file into another document, such as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF. Converting a text-based file such as a Word file to a JPEG can be quite useful for these types of applications.

Keep in mind that the image will be made up of pixels, so the quality of the text may not be as good as if you were to keep the file as a Word document or PDF. The most efficient way to do this is to save the Word document as a PDF directly from Word for Mac, and then quickly convert the PDF to a JPEG file.

Open the Word document on your Mac that you want to convert.

Click "File, Save as."

Type a new file name for the document and note the destination folder.

Click the "Format" list. Select "PDF" as the file format.

Click "Save."

Open Preview, the built-in image and PDF reader for Mac. It is normally located on the Dock as well as in the "Applications" folder in the Finder.

Click "File, Open" to locate the PDF file you just created.

Click "File, Save as."

Rename the file if you need to. Select a destination folder for the file. In the "Format" menu, select "JPEG."

Click "Save." The file is now converted to a JPEG.