How to Create a Table in WordPad

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WordPad is a rich text editor which lets you create simple documents or add HTML into your page. You won't find an option to create tables in WordPad (Windows 95 to 7). However, you can create tables by inserting an object that enables you to do so.

The program you're inserting (as an object) must already be installed for this option to work. Alternatively, you can use HTML to create a table you want to display on the web.

Click on the "Home" tab in WordPad, then select "Insert object" from the "Insert" group.

Pick the "Create New" option and select "Microsoft Word Document," "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" or the program you want to use, then click "OK." The document will be placed onto your page.

Place your cursor within the object, then click on "Table," "Insert" and "Table" to create a Microsoft Word table. Pick the number of rows and columns you need and press "OK."

Type in the contents for your table, then click on the "Save" button within the object on your page. The table and its contents will be added to WordPad.

Click outside the object when you are finished. WordPad will now include the table you created.

Copy the following HTML source code to create a table with one column in WordPad:

Paste the code in WordPad. To insert more columns, add an additional "" between "". (Note:

inserts a table with a border; inserts a row; and
inserts a column).

Click on the "Save" button to save the file. Name your file, but add the ".html" file extension, then click on "Save."

View the table by opening the HTML file in your favourite web browser.