How to attach magic sing to a computer

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Having a Magic Sing microphone allows you to have your own karaoke party with your family and friends with a high-tech, portable karaoke system. Magic Sing can also help improve your singing abilities as you practice with a broad number of songs to choose from.

Your Magic Sing kit also provides an optional accessory called an Enter Tech Magic Sing Recording Pack, which allows you to save and store your music and voice on your computer.

Insert the data CD into the disk drive of your computer. The data CD comes with the Enter Tech Magic Sing Recording Pack.

Copy the folder named "Installer" to your computer hard drive, and then open the folder.

Double-click the Download Manager icon that appears. An Install Shield wizard will now appear as a box on your screen. Select "English" for the language, then click "Next" when prompted.

Click "Install" to begin the installation of the Download Manager.

Click "Finish" when the words Install Shield Wizard Complete appears in the box. This will end the wizard.

Double-click the USB Driver icon, and then select "English" for the language in the window that appears.

Type in your name in the user name field box that appears, as well as the company name if it applies. Select whom you want this application installed for.

Click "Next" or "Continue Anyway" to bypass the warning message that appears to regard the Windows logo testing. The installation of the USB driver will begin and complete. Select "Yes, I want to restart my computer now" when you see the prompt.

Insert your Enter Tech Magic Sing Recording Pack into your Magic Sing unit.

Connect the RCA cable to the bottom of your Magic Sing microphone. Connect the AC adaptor to the RCA cable, and then plug it in to the wall outlet.

Connect the smaller end of your USB cable to the USB connection on your microphone. Your Enter Tech Magic Sing Recording Pack comes with a USB cable.

Connect the larger end of the USB cable to the USB port on your computer.

Turn on your Magic Sing microphone, and then record yourself singing your favourite song.

Click the button by the word "List", which appears on your computer screen. A list of all songs you have sung and recorded will appear on the right side. Look under the PACK section, also located on the right-hand side of the screen. The PACK section lists all of the songs you have sung and recorded with your recording pack. Click on the first song you see listed, and then click the "Read" button in the upper left corner. The song you recorded on your recording pack will appear on a list right below "PC" listing the name, date and size of the song. Your song is now uploaded to your computer.

Click the "Convert" button after you have transferred your songs to your computer, and you see the songs listed under "PC." The songs originally record in .etw format, but the Enter Tech Magic Sing Recording Pack comes with .wav conversion software. When you click the "Convert" button for each song, the song files will automatically convert from .etw to .wav format, so you can listen to them. Use your own conversion software or purchase conversion software, if you want to convert your songs to MP3 format.