How to Download Music Onto My Alba MP3 Player

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If you have recently acquired an Alba MP3 player, you can fill the portable device with music files from your computer. No special software or program is required to download music to your Alba MP3 player. In fact, once you have your Alba MP3 player connected to your computer, you are only limited in your music downloading by the amount of memory space on the MP3 player. Adding music to it only take a few minutes time.

Connect your Alba MP3 player to your computer with the USB cable that came packaged with the device.

Wait for your computer to recognise the connected device. Some computers will prompt you and ask what you want to do with the device, while others will not.

Open the device in “My Computer” by clicking, or double-clicking depending on your set-up, on the “My Computer” icon. You will see the Alba MP3 player listed, which you can open by clicking, or double-clicking. Open the “Music” folder that you will see listed on the device. This is where the new music will go.

Leave that window open while opening up a new window that shows your music files. You can so this through “Search” from your “Start Menu” or from the “My Documents” or “My Computer” icons.

Select the music files that you want to download to the Alba MP3 player and right-click to select “Copy.” Then, move your mouse so that you are in the “Music” window of the Alba MP3 player before right-clicking and selecting “Paste.” This will copy the music to your Alba MP3 player while leaving the original copy on your computer.

Disconnect your Alba MP3 player from your computer once you see that all the music files that you want to download have completed their transfer to the device.

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