How to Burn Multiple Songs From GarageBand Onto a CD

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GarageBand, Apple's multi-track recording program, is a useful tool for processing audio and mixing songs. When finished working on your songs, burning multiple songs from GarageBand is easy to do with the help of GarageBand's "export to iTunes" feature. Simply open the GarageBand session, export the song to iTunes, and burn it to disc. GarageBand comes free with the purchase of a Macintosh computer, whereas iTunes can be downloaded for free from Apple's website.

Click on the "Finder", select "Applications" and double-click GarageBand to open it. Then load the song that you would like to burn to CD by clicking "File", "Open" and browsing to select the GarageBand session file of that song. Once the song has loaded, click "Share" and select "Send Song to iTunes" to export the song as a single file that can be burnt to CD. Repeat this process for each GarageBand song you would like to burn to CD.

Open iTunes, click "File" and select "New Playlist." The new playlist will appear in a column on the left-hand side of iTunes under the heading "Playlists." Double-click the new playlist to rename it. Then drag and drop the songs you exported from GarageBand into the new playlist. When finished, click on the playlist to highlight it and place the songs in the order of your choosing.

Click "Burn Disc," and the "Burn Settings" dialogue will appear. Select the "Burn Speed" from the drop down menu. By default, the maximum burn speed will be selected. Select "Audio CD" under the "CD Format" category, then click "Burn." Insert a blank CD-R when prompted and iTunes will proceed to burn the CD. Burn time for an Audio CD will vary depending on the number of songs and the length of each song. When iTunes has finished burning the CD, it will alert you with a noise and the CD will appear in the column on the left-hand side of iTunes under the heading "Devices." Eject the CD and you will have successfully burnt multiple songs from GarageBand onto a CD.

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