Uses for Sony Digital Media Port Adapter

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The Sony Digital Media Port adaptor (DMPort for short) is a proprietary adaptor on Sony audio equipment that allows you to add more functionality. This adaptor plugs into your Sony home theatre system and can also display information on your TV using an output on the home theatre. Simply hook up the corresponding media port to the adaptor and you are ready to go.


The Sony Digital Media Port Adapter for iPod gives you the ability to listen to your audio files directly from the iPod. Artist and song information is displayed on the TV screen while you listen, so you can find your favourite song. This adaptor also charges the iPod simultaneously so you don't have to worry about the batteries draining. The adaptor works with 4th and 5th generation iPods, as well as 1st and 2nd generation iPod nanos and minis.


The Sony port adaptor for the Walkman is designed for use with Walkmans that use a Walkman base. This adaptor provides the benefit of surround sound quality from your Walkman device. Power is also supplied to your Walkman, charging it while you are listening to your favourite music.


Sony's Bluetooth adaptor gives you the ability to stream music from a variety of devices, while keeping the clutter of wires out of the way. Now you can play music from your mobile phone, computer or any other A2DP Bluetooth-capable device through your Sony home theatre system.

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