How to Put a Playlist on a Philips GoGear Vibe

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The Philips GoGear Vibe is a digital audio and video player capable of playing MP4 video files and MP3, WAV and WMA audio files. With an 8GB capacity, the GoGear Vibe can store approximately 1,800 songs.

The GoGear Vibe comes with its own music management software, known as Songbird, which you use to add a playlist to your GoGear Vibe.

Open the Philips "Songbird" application on your computer. This is the program you use to transfer songs. If you don't have the program, download it from Philips' website (see Resources).

Click on "File," and select "New Playlist." The playlist manager will appear.

Type a name for your playlist, and click "+" to save it.

Click on "Music" to browse through your audio files. When you find a song you want to add to the playlist, right-click it and select "Add to Playlist."

Select the name of your playlist from the list. You can also click on the file and drag it into the playlist on the left sidebar.

Repeat the process until you have finished adding songs to your playlist. You are now ready to put the playlist on the GoGear Vibe.

Connect the Philips GoGear to the computer using the USB cable. Leave the Songbird application open. You'll notice the GoGear icon appears on the left sidebar, letting you know it's connected.

Click the right mouse button and hold it over your playlist. Drag it to the GoGear icon. You'll see a small progress meter. When it fills, your playlist is added to the Philips GoGear Vibe.