How to Wire a Shurflo 12V Water Pump

Shurflo water pumps are used in a number of applications, and are very popular in the boating industry. Some pumps are designed to handle flooding on board a boat, while others are used to manage the boat's water supply. These pumps are also used on RVs to provide pressure to the water supply system. Shurflo pumps come in a number of sizes and are equipped with different size motors, including 12v and 24v units.

Determine where the Shurflo water pump will be located. Place the pump into position. Using the pump mounting holes as a template, mark the hole locations. Drill the holes and secure the pump into position using bolts and nuts.

Run the pump's negative terminal cable (black) to a suitable ground. This will usually be a solid metal frame member that also connects to the battery's negative terminal. Connect the positive terminal cable to an electric switch. This switch must be able to handle the current and voltage requirements of the pump, or the switch will burn out very quickly. Most pump switches should be rated to handle at least 110 per cent of the recommended current and voltage of the pump.

Connect the second switch terminal to the positive terminal of the battery. Use the same size wire throughout the entire circuit.

Test the circuit and pump operation.

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