Phillips Phone Answering Machine Instructions

A good understanding of your answering machine will prevent you from missing important business or family messages. The Phillips answering machine comes built in to your Phillips phone. This answering machine only records missed calls when your phone is activated and holds as many as 99 messages at a time. Get rid of your old stand-alone answering machine and make the most of the Phillips phone and answering machine combo.

Press the "On/Off" key located on the phone base to turn on your answering machine.

Press the "Menu" key on the handset to playback messages. Use the scroll down button until you read "Answ Machine" and hit "OK." Hit "OK" again to enter the "Play" menu.

Enter "OK" in the "Play" menu to start playback. The messages will play immediately starting from the most recently recorded.

Press "Menu" on the handset, scroll through to "Answ Machine" and hit "OK" to delete your messages. Next scroll until the display reads "Delete All." Hit "OK." Messages will be removed permanently.

Hit the "Menu" button to create a personalised message. Scroll through to "Answ Machine" and hit "OK." Scroll through until "Record OMG" is displayed and hit "OK" again.

Scroll through "Record OMG" menu until you find "Answ Record" and hit "OK." Find "Record Message Option," and hit "OK" to start recording your message. To stop recording your message, hit "OK" again. The message will be saved.

Enter "Menu" to activate and change ring delay. Find "Answ Machine" and hit "OK." Find "Settings" and hit "OK," scroll to find "Ring Delay" and hit "OK." Select the number of rings you desire before the answering machine turns on, and hit "OK."

Call your phone number to access voicemail from the road. When the message is played, wait eight seconds, press the number key # and enter the remote access code or master PIN. Follow the prompts.

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