How Can I Remove Rabbit Urine Stains From Wood Floors?

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According to the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society, rabbits live an average of eight to 12 years. Since rabbits are soft, cuddly, and social, they are popular house pets. If you own a rabbit, you will most likely take it out of its cage for a certain amount of time each day to play. You may let the rabbit hop across your floor. Some rabbits may urinate, causing a dark stain on your wood floor. Fortunately, certain techniques can get rid of the stain.

Soak up as much of the urine as you can if the stain is fresh, using a paper towel. Throw the paper towel in the trash when you are finished.

Pour enough vinegar over the urine stain to cover it. Wait two to three minutes for the vinegar to break up the urine. The Wisconsin House Rabbit Society recommends this because rabbit urine contains calcium salts that break up when introduced to vinegar.

Soak up the vinegar and any urine it broke up, using a few paper towels. Throw the paper towels away.

Cover the urine stain area with baking soda while it is still damp from the vinegar. Allow it to dry overnight. The baking soda will remove any odours associated with the rabbit urine.

Observe the area where the rabbit urinated. If the stain is gone, you are finished. If not, one more option is available.

Spray some hydrogen peroxide on some paper towels and set them over the stain. Leave them for three to four hours. The hydrogen peroxide will lighten the stained area so that it now matches your original stain.

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