How to Restore the Pile on a Trampled Carpet

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Trampled carpet pile loses its plush appearance and looks flattened and worn. Carpet in high traffic areas or carpet under heavy furniture often looks older than other carpet nearby.

Restoring trampled carpet pile to its original appearance is a simple process that you can perform with a vacuum cleaner and a carpet rake. For a smaller trampled area, such as one immediately in front of a doorway, a clothes iron set to steam can fix the problem.

Vacuum your trampled carpet as usual. Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush that will agitate the pile as it cleans.

Run a carpet rake over the trampled area after you vacuum. Push the rake down into the pile at the edge of the trampled area and pull it toward you in a short, upward motion. Repeat this over the entire trampled area. This will lift the pile of the matted carpet.

Place a paper towel over any hard-to-reach trampled areas, or areas where the carpet rake did not completely restore the pile.

Set a clothes iron to steam and place the iron gently onto the paper towel. Hold it in place for five seconds. The steam will relax the pile, and you can then fluff it back into place with your hand.