How to Get Pet Urine Out of Leather Furniture

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Urine accidents can happen with pets and sometimes an upset or ill pet will urinate intentionally on your furniture. Leather furniture is porous and reacts best to cleaning methods that are as dry as possible.

While removing pet urine from your leather furniture may seem like a difficult or hopeless job, you can fully remove the pet urine and maintain your leather furniture's clean condition using simple supplies.

Soak up any pet urine liquid from your leather furniture with paper towels. Discard urine-soaked paper towels and lay fresh ones down until there is no urine left to soak up.

Mix 1 cup white vinegar with 2 cups cool water in a bowl, then saturate a clean cloth with the vinegar solution and wring out the excess liquid. Rub and scrub the entire leather surface, particularly the urine stained area. Wash the entire leather surface so there are no noticeable stains from the washing solution and the leather colour remains even.

Unzip leather cushions, if possible, to make sure the pet urine hasn't gone through the leather to the inside of the cushion. If the urine has penetrated, wash the inner material with the vinegar solution, as well.

Dry the leather surface well with a clean, dry cloth.

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Sprinkle citrus-scented pet odour neutraliser onto the insides of the cushions and allow it to dry before putting the cushions back together. Cover the area on your leather furniture that had the pet urine stain with a powdered pet odour neutraliser so it can break down and absorb any enzymes left by the urine without adding moisture damage to your leather. Allow the pet odour neutraliser to sit on your leather furniture surface for several hours or overnight.

Vacuum up the powdered pet neutraliser from your leather furniture surface. Place the insides back in the cushions. Give your leather furniture a final washing and moisturising with a leather cleaner and conditioner combination rubbed into the leather with a clean cloth.