How to Get Nail-Varnish Remover Off Carpets

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Nothing spoils the look of a carpeted floor like a stain. Act quickly to remove nail-varnish remover from carpet and avoid discolouration. Nail-varnish removers that contain acetate, fragrance and dyes not only stain, but they also can damage the fibres of the carpet. Acetate fibre carpets are especially vulnerable to damage by acetate nail-varnish remover.

Blot the spill immediately with three to four white paper towels to lift the nail-varnish remover. Use as many paper towels as necessary to blot the spill until it is completely dry.

Mix 1 tbsp dish-washing detergent and 2 cups warm water in a small plastic bowl. Dip a clean white hand towel into the detergent mixture and gently sponge the stained area.

Blot the area with clean paper towels until the stain lifts. Apply more cleaning solution if necessary.

Blot the area with paper towels dampened with clean water to remove any detergent residue. Blot the area dry. Repeat if necessary.

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