How to Remove Blu Tack From Carpets

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Blu Tack is a sticky, putty-like adhesive, used to adhere items in place. For example, Use Blu Tack in lieu of a nail or tape, to place pictures, poster or notes on the wall. If Blu Tack is spilt on the carpet, it can be difficult to remove. It immediately begins adhering to the carpet and hardening. A citrus-based carpet stain remover can be used to soften the adhesive, allowing you to pull it away from the carpet.

Dampen a soft cloth with a citrus-based carpet stain remover.

Dab at the Blu Tack to submerge the area with in the cleaner. Allow the cleaner to work into the Blu Tack, causing it to soften.

Use your fingers to gently lift the softened Blu Tack from the carpet fibres.

Repeat the process until all Blu Tack and residue is removed from the carpet.

Dampen a soft cloth with cool water. Dab at the leftover carpet cleaner to remove all soap residue.

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