How Do I Make a Cross From Cowboy Boots?

Interesting and unique crosses have become a form of art. The simple design of the cross allows the creator ample freedom in terms of materials and texture. Cowboy boots come in many designs and are made from almost every material imaginable. Boots that are no longer suitable for wearing can often be repurposed into craft projects. The sole and foot of the boot can wear out while the upper, where the primary design of the boot is normally located, can appear almost new.

Make a pattern for your cross by sketching your basic design on a piece of cardboard with a pen or marker. Use the ruler to make sure the pattern will fit on your boot. One-piece patterns are recommended for this project. You may have to attempt the pattern several times if you are trying to use a specific design from the boots to make your cross.

Cut the upper off of the boot. Once you have done this, cut the upper from top to bottom in an area where you will not affect the pattern you want to use for your cross. Lay the leather flat on a table or other flat surface. You may need to weight it down at the corners to keep it from curing back into its original form.

Clean and condition the leather thoroughly using products designed for leather care.

Use the razor knife to cut out the pattern, and then pin the pattern to the boot's upper. The upper is the top part of the boot, above your ankle. Make sure to centre your pattern over the design elements you want to capture.

Cut the pattern out of the leather using the razor knife. Make sure the razor knife is sharp, not dull, and cut carefully to avoid ragged edges or tearing.

Fix any separations or gaping in the layers of leather by hand sewing or hot gluing layers back together. Boots are typically made of more than one layer of leather.

Add decorations or details you want to include in your design. A leather hole punch or hot glue and some ribbon can be used to make the cross hang from your wall or rear-view mirror. Decorations can be added by sewing or gluing crystals, fabric or even figurines to the cross.

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