How to use a glue gun to repair shoe soles

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Shoes of all styles, from pumps to work boots need repair eventually. One common problem that you can fix yourself is a detached sole. Use the adhesive in a hot-glue gun to reconnect the sole, and have your shoes ready to wear again quickly.

Heat the hot-glue gun. Place a piece of paper under the nose of the device to catch any glue drops.

Pull back the broken flap of the shoe sole. Try not to tear additional material away from the shoe.

Clean the space with a rag and rubbing alcohol, making sure that no dirt or pebbles remain.

Sand the inside of the sole and the bottom of the shoe with medium-coarse sandpaper. This will give the surfaces added texture for the glue to adhere to.

Apply hot glue between the sole and the bottom of the shoe. Use enough glue to cover the surface but not so much that it will be pressed out the sides when the pieces are connected. Spread the glue quickly and evenly, using a craft knife.

Press the sole flap securely against the bottom of the shoe.

Wipe away any excess glue that seeps through, using a rag and citrus-based cleaner.

Place the shoe in a plastic bag and place it sole-down on a flat surface. Put a 10-pound weight or heavy object on top of the shoe to ensure the sole adheres securely.

Set the shoe aside and allow it to sit for at least 48 hours before wearing.

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