How to Repair Saddle Scuffs

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Saddle scuffs are one of the most common forms of damage your saddle will suffer. A saddle scuff removes the top, finished layer of leather, and reveals a lighter-toned, rough surface beneath. Saddle scuffs are unattractive, and damage the integrity of the leather. Repairing saddle scuffs requires rehydrating the leather, and altering its colour to match the overall tone.

Soak a soft cloth in warm water, and wipe the leather around the scuff to remove any dust or debris. Polishing a saddle covered with dust and debris might scuff it further.

Soak the soft cloth in saddle oil. Massage it into the scuff in quick, circular motions. Press hard while you massage the oil into the saddle. Continue until the leather has absorbed the oil. Oil absorption alone sometimes makes the scuff unnoticeable.

Purchase shoe polish in a colour that matches the tone of the leather. Follow manufacturer's instructions, and apply the shoe polish to the scuffed area on the leather.

Rub the soft cloth over the area to smooth the tone and blend the shoe polish. Allow the polish to dry for 24 hours before using the saddle.

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