How Do I Spot a Fake Francesco Biasia Logo?

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A common worry for those who buy designer goods is whether or not what they're getting is authentic. Francesco Biasia handbags are among the many knock-off items on the market, so it's vital that you know how to distinguish a real logo from a counterfeit.

If the item does not have a certificate of authenticity, follow these steps to make sure you get a genuine designer bag.

Compare a picture of an authentic Francesco Biasia logo to the logo on the handbag for sale to confirm that they match. Key points to note include an oval metal plate attached to an oval genuine leather backing and perfect centring of the metal plate on the leather backing.

Verify that the spelling of the brand name, Francesco Biasia, is correct.

Inspect the stitching of the leather surrounding the metal logo plate with a magnifying glass. Authentic stitching is neat and secure; it does not look haphazardly sewn.