How to Make a Science Model Junk Car

antique toy car image by Paul Hill from

Many science teachers try to teach their students about helping the environment by reusing non-recyclable materials. One way to make this lesson more fun is to show your students how to use junk to create a toy, such as a car.

By arranging junk materials in a certain way, students can learn firsthand the meaning of the old saying "one man's dustbin be another man's treasure."

Place an empty 2-liter plastic bottle onto a flat surface.

Hot glue four large plastic bottle tops to the bottom of the soda bottle. These will be the wheels of the car.

Allow the hot glue to cool completely.

Use paint glue tubes to decorate the outside of the junk car. You can add on details such as windows, head and tail lights, doors and hub caps.

Allow the paint glue to dry completely before playing with the junk car.