How to Donate Handmade Greeting Cards

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Indulge your love of crafting greeting cards by sharing them with those in need. Handmade greeting cards brighten the day for a lonely soldier, sick child or senior citizen. They are a fund-raising asset for charitable organisations.

Donate handmade greeting cards to a local pet shelter, school or other community fundraiser. Share them with soldiers that have limited access to colourful messages to send back home to their loved ones. Volunteers that work with these various groups will appreciate the donations as will anyone who receives an artistically handmade greeting card.

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Buy card stock, scrapbooking or construction paper and craft supplies to make cards. Affix materials securely to the cards to keep the decorative embellishments intact when the items are handled and sent through the mail.

Include an envelope with each crafted card. Plastic sleeves are removed when cards are sent to soldiers, so save the supplies and include envelopes only. Separate the cards by type, such as "Thinking of You" and "Happy Birthday" messages, and place them in packages.

Contact a hospital gift shop, volunteer services or cancer care public relations office to inquire if the service accepts card donations. Seek out local chapters of the Salvation Army, Goodwill or Red Cross to ask if donated cards are accepted for one of their fundraisers.

Deliver or mail the cards in sturdy packaging to the donation site.