How to Donate Baby Clothes to Children in Africa

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Many people in Africa can't afford clothes for their children. According to the Institute for International Cooperation and Development, most people in Africa only get one to four items of clothing a year on average, but need a minimum of eight to 10 pieces of clothing a year to thrive.

If you want to help provide clothes for needy children in Africa, consider donating your gently used baby clothes through a reputable non-profit charity organisation.

Choose a reputable non-profit charity organisation that accepts and distributes donations of baby clothes. The organisation you choose should be actively involved in distributing baby clothes to children in Africa. You can find a trustworthy organisation online at the Aid for Africa website.

Gather the baby clothing you are willing to donate and remove any spoiled or torn pieces. You can throw the spoiled or torn items away or use them as cleaning rags.

Run all remaining baby clothes through your washing machine and dryer. Charity organisations will only accept laundered baby clothes as donations.

Fold the clean clothes and place them in sturdy garbage bags. Tie the tops of the bags into secure knots to prevent the clothes from spilling out.

Take the clothes to the charity organisation's donation bin. If you're not located near the organisation's donation bin, place the bags of clothes in a secure shipping box, attach the correct mailing labels to the boxes and ship the clothing to the organisation's official address.