Veterinary Bulletin Board Ideas

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A notice board in a veterinary waiting room is a natural place to celebrate the pets we love so much. It's not unusual for a client to want to share photos with the vet staff they entrust to care for their furry friends. Notice boards can serve multiple purposes in the waiting room: to entertain and inform. Everyone likes to look at adorable pets, and pet owners often are keen to learn about pet care relating to their favourite breeds.

Vet Techs Tips and Tricks

Most animal hospitals have behind-the-scenes vet techs and nurses who are not as recognisable in the office as the veterinarian or front desk personnel. Create a headline that reads "Vet Techs Tips and Tricks" in large text on a notice board decorated with paw prints and silhouetted pet shapes. A photo of each vet tech with the tech's name and a list of some of their favourite pet care tips underneath the photo will serve to give a name and face to the support staff and educate the client. Important tips such as "How to De-Skunk Your Dog" or "Recognize These Poisonous Plants" are sure to be noticed and appreciated.

Adopt Me!

A notice board emblazoned with "Adopting a Pet Makes a World of Difference" across the top features a homeless pet that is looking for a loving "forever" home. Photos of other animals in situations around the world, such as overcrowded shelters or homeless animals in poor countries, highlights the responsible choice to adopt, spay and neuter.

Tricks and Treats

This Halloween-themed notice board displays the vet hospital's patients in colourful costumes. Spray-on cobwebs, fake insects and other seasonal decorations add to the effect. Ask clients to bring in photos of their pets performing their best tricks, such as rolling over, fetching or sitting pretty. Display photos on one side of the notice board under the word "Tricks," and under "Treats," display prizes given in the form of dog show-style ribbons.

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