How to Change a Name on a Czech Passport

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The Czech Republic administers biometric passports. The passports contain digital coding to verify identity. With biometric passports identity theft is eliminated. Keeping name changes current on your Czech passport is important. If documents do not match, many problems can arise that may prevent you from travelling.

With the proper documents, changing your name on a valid Czech passport is a straightforward, simple process.

Contact the Ministry of the Interior in the Czech Republic to schedule an appointment to submit an application for passport name change. You are essentially applying for a new passport.

Take your passport photo. One 5 x 5 photo no more than six months old must be submitted with your application for name change. Online programs help you create passport photos. Be sure your face is clearly visible in front of a neutral background.

Gather documentation necessary for your appointment. You need your marriage or divorce certificate that states your new name. Other name changes require an official, notarised statement. Also required are your Czech Republic identity card and current Czech Republic passport.

Fill out your request for your passport name change during your Ministry of Interior appointment. The proper forms are given to you and submitted along with the name change documentation, new passport photo, previous valid passport and current Czech Republic identity card. A processing fee applies which must be paid at the time your application is submitted.

You will receive your new passport in a couple of weeks. Inquire about processing times when you submit your application.