How to Make a Tree Costume Out of a Cardboard Box

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A tree costume might be used for Halloween trick-or-treating, a Christmas party or as a promotional costume worn by an employee outside of business like a nursery or a Christmas tree lot. While you might be able to rent or purchase a costume for this purpose, if you cannot find one or would prefer to avoid the expense, you can make your own tree costume using a cardboard box. This process is a fairly simple arts and crafts project that virtually anyone can do.

Measure the person who will be wearing the costume. You want to measure from the top of their head to their knees and across their shoulders. Also measure the distance between the bottom of the armpit and the knee.

Draw out a cone on paper. Add measurements. Make the bottom of the cone at the knees approximately 3 feet across. Measuring from the bottom of the cone to the armpit, make the width at the shoulders the same as the measurement you took earlier. Now repeat this drawing so that you have all four sides.

Now use a pencil and ruler to divide the design into smaller pieces. Write in the measurements for each of these individual pieces.

Use your box cutter to cut pieces out of the cardboard matching the size and shape of those you drew in Step 3.

Assemble your pieces, taping them together using the transparent tape. Now use the box cutter to cut holes on the sides for the arms and one large hole at the front for the face of the person wearing it.

Spray-paint the costume green. Let it dry. You can now add external decorations. For example, if you want the costume to represent a Christmas tree, you can tape strings of tinsel to the outside. You can also hang decorations using inserted hooks.

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