How to Put YouTube Videos on Flash Drive

Jeffrey Hamilton/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Flash drives are small, external USB storage devices. They can be connected to any computer that has USB ports. The most common use of a flash drive is to transport files from one computer to another. Any type of file can be stored on a flash drive as long as the space permits it.

For example, you can download a video from YouTube and save the file onto your flash drive.

Go to the YouTube video you want to save. Right-click the address bar, click "Select All," right-click the address bar again and choose "Copy."

Go to

Paste the URL of the YouTube video you just copied into the URL field next to the Download button. Click the "Download" button.

Select the format you want to save the file as. Save the file to your desktop.

Connect the flash drive to an available USB port on your computer.

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Computer."

Double-click your removable disc -- the name of the drive will vary. This will open the root directory of the flash drive.

Drag your recently saved video to the root directory of the flash drive.