How to Create a Ramdisk in MS DOS Images

A RAMdisk, or RAM drive, is a block of the primary computer memory accessed by MS-DOS as virtual disk drive. It transfers data much faster than a hard disk drive, since it has no moving parts, but data on RAMdisk will be lost when power is off or you reboot the computer. A RAMdisk appears in MS-DOS as a physical hard disk with the chosen size, drive letter and file system. You can copy, move and delete files on it. The set-up of the DEVICE option in the CONFIG.SYS file allows users to create the RAMdisk in MS-DOS operating system.

Boot your computer into MS-DOS operating system.

Type in "edit" at the command line prompt to open editor program.

Click the "File," "Open" and double-click on the "config.sys" file.

Add the following lines at the beginning of the file:



DEVICE=C:\RAMDRIVE.SYS 32767 512 256 /e R:

Click "File," "Save As," "OK" to create the "R" RAM disk in MS-DOS.

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