How to Glue Hair Extensions So They Last Longer

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Hair extensions enable you to change the length, colour, and style of your hair. Extensions can be attached in many different ways. If you want a quick, short-term alteration to your hairstyle, gluing the extensions is the best method.

Wash your hair twice with shampoo, and condition it as usual. Rinse completely and towel dry.

Blow dry your hair with the hair dryer until it is completely dry. Then use the flat iron to gently straighten all of your hair. Comb it out with the wide-tooth comb until it is smooth and snag-free.

Part the hair into small sections using the fine-tooth comb. Start at the back of the head and create sections that are about two inches wide. If necessary, hold back other sections of hair with clips or hair ties to isolate the section you are working on with the comb.

Measure the length of the section of hair with the tape measure and use the hair scissors to cut the hair extension track to fit the length of the section.

Apply a straight bead of the weave bong glue to the top edge of the hair extension track. Do not apply too much glue and ensure that the bead of glue is even.

Lift the extension with the glue on it by grasping the corners. Keep the glued side away from you and the unglued side toward you.

Press one corner of the hair on one end of the hairline part. Then slowly and gently flip the hair over and into the part, so that the glued edge runs along the entire hairline part. You will feel the cold glue on your scalp, and this is how you know that the hair extension is properly set in place. Be careful NOT to lay the extension directly onto your hair.

Press down gently with your fingers onto the edges of the glued hair extension. Within 30 seconds, the glue will become stiff and rubbery, bonding the extensions to your scalp.

Turn your hair dryer on to a low setting and lightly blow dry the glued edge of the extensions for another 30 seconds. Then, if desired, flatiron the entire new section of hair in the extensions, to match your own hair.

Repeat steps 3 through 9 until your entire head is complete with the glued extensions. Then use the wide-tooth comb to comb through all the hair and blend the extensions into your real hair. The application is now complete.

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