How to Use a Braun Tassimo

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Able to produce delicious coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at the click of a button, the Tassimo Home Brewing System brings barista-quality drinks to the masses. The system employs small discs, called T Discs, in place of traditional filters and loose coffee. Each T Disc is filled with the grind of your choice. In less time than it takes to order a cappuccino from your local cafe#xE9;, the Braun Tassimo allows you to brew your own in the convenience of your home or office.

Fill the Braun Tassimo water reservoir with fresh, cold water. If the reservoir was removed for filling, press it firmly into its slot at the back of the machine.

Press the on/off switch. Open the brew mechanism lid atop the Braun Tassimo. The "Heating" light will flash.

Place a cup on the cup stand. If necessary, adjust the height of the stand so that the rim of the cup is close to the brew mechanism--remove the cup briefly, place your finger at the centre of the cup stand, and lift and rotate the base.

Place the chosen T Disc into the T Disc holder, label facing down. Close the brew mechanism lid until it clamps in place.

Wait for the "AUTO" light to illuminate, then press the start/stop button. The brew process will begin.

Press the on/off button during the brew process to stop brewing and create a strong beverage. If a weaker beverage is preferred, wait for the "AUTO" light to change to "MANUAL" before pressing the on/off button--holding the button will add more water to your beverage.

Open the brew mechanism lid. Remove the used T Disc and discard.

Remove your beverage from the Braun Tassimo cup stand and enjoy.

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