How to Make Jason Statham in Saints Row 2

Jason Statham has starred in movies such as “The Transporter,” “Crank” and “Death Race.” The English actor can also be created in Saints Row 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The character creator in the game allows you to customise your own in-game avatar by adjusting everything from his facial structure to his attitude. With the right adjustments, you can create characters based on real-world people such as Statham.

Start a new game in Saints Row 2 to be taken to the character creation menu. Head to a plastic surgeon (marked on your map with a doctor's face) on a saved game to enter the same menu.

Select “Male” as your "Sex." Set your "Race" to “Caucasian” and your "Build" to “Bodybuilder.” Set your "Age" to “Middle Aged,” and press “R1” on the PS3 or “R Bumper” on the Xbox 360 to move onto the next set of attributes.

Move the sliders for the "Body" section of the character creation menu as follows: “Body Shape” at 50, “Muscularity” at 100, “Fatness” at 19" and “Age” at 30. Set the “Skin” to be the colour located in the second row of the first column of the skin colour menu.

Switch to the “Face” menu and select “Crown.” From top to bottom, set the sliders at 37, 52, 47, 48, 49 and 32. Go to “Forehead” at set the sliders at 62, 84 and 52.

Choose “Eye Color,” and select the first eye colour in the second row.

Select “Nose” and set the sliders as follows: 50, 0, 0, 50, 33, 50, 17, 72, 39, 18, 100, 54, 57, 50, 76, 43, 0, 0 and 0.

Go to “Mouth” and scroll down to “Mouth Elevation.” Set the slider at 49, and going down set the sliders at 25, 50, 52, 33, 21, 50 and 24.

Select “Chin” and set the sliders at 66, 70, 43, 58, 30, 11, 0 and 0.

Switch to the “Hair” menu. Set the “Primary and Secondary Hair Colors” as the colour listed second to last on the first row of the menu. Set the “Facial Hair Color” to the third option on the first row of colours.

Choose “Clipped Short 2” under the “Head” section and “5 O'clock Shadow” under the “Beard” section. Select “Shaped” for his eyebrows.

Switch to “Personality” and choose “Voice.” Set the voice as “Male 1,” which features a British accent. Choose “Blank” as his “Facial Expression” and “Thug Style 2” for his “Movement Style.”

Set the “Compliment” as “I'm Number 1” and his “Taunt” as “Come Get Some.”

Switch to “Start Game” to save your Jason Statham character and begin Saints Row 2.

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