How to Program a Sky Remote Control

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You can program your Sky Television remote control handset to operate your TV set in addition to your Sky satellite decoder box. Programming the Sky Television remote control handset takes seconds.

Enter the correct three- or four-digit code and your Sky remote will operate the main functions of any television set, including volume control and channel selection. To find the right code for your make of TV set, check your Sky TV instruction manual or specialist satellite TV websites.

Switch on your TV set and Sky decoder.

Press the "TV" button on your Sky remote control unit.

Hold down the "Select" button and the red button together for three seconds. Wait for the red LED light on the handset to flash twice.

Input the correct code for your TV set on the numeric keypad of the Sky remote. The red light will again flash twice.

Press "Standby" and your TV set will now switch off.

Press "Select" again and the red light will blink twice. Your Sky Television remote control handset will now also operate your TV set.