How to make a pregnant stomach in Photoshop

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If you've just discovered you're pregnant and want to see what you might look like at a later stage of the journey, or are simply curious to see yourself or a friend with a pregnant bump, a quick and simple way to do this is using Adobe Photoshop.

This image editing software has lots of image distortion features to let you play around with your appearance.

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Take a photograph of yourself or your friend standing sideways. Save it to your computer.

Navigate to "File" on Photoshop's main menu and click "Open." Select the photograph you saved by double-clicking the file name.

Select "Lasso" from the "Tools" panel. Create a circular outline all the way around the lower belly, beginning a few inches above the navel and ending a few inches below it. Right-click within this circle and select "Layer via Copy."

Click on "Edit" and select "Transform." Click on "Warp" to generate a grid of boxes, circles and squares around the lower belly.

Click and drag the shapes on the side you want the pregnant belly to appear. You will see the belly begin to grow as you drag. Create the shape of your choice, from a slight bulge to a third trimester pregnant belly. Hit "Enter" when you are happy with your shape. Save the edited image.