How to Clean a Belly Bar

diamond and silver belly button image by Peter Baxter from

If you wear jewellery in your belly piercing such as a belly barbell, it's important to keep both your piercing and your belly bar clean at all times. Pregnant women need to be especially careful to avoid infections. They can be dangerous and could possibly harm your baby.

Your body is already doing a very important job and fighting infection shouldn't be one of them. Infections are caused by bacteria and are quite avoidable.

Wash your hands thoroughly for 15 to 30 seconds with an antibacterial soap and water.

Remove your belly bar from your piercing carefully.

Fill small bowl with clean water.

Add a small amount of antibacterial hand soap to the water. Stir gently with a spoon.

Insert belly bar into the water and soap solution. Let the bar sit in the bowl for three minutes.

Remove belly bar and rinse with clean water.

Dry thoroughly with a clean paper towel.