How to Make a Superhero Online

You can create your very own superhero online for free without having a drop of artistic ability or talent. You can create your own heroes and print their pictures to show to your friends.

Visit (HeroMachine 2.5 application), and The procedure is almost identical for both websites. These applications will allow you to craft every aspect of your superhero without requiring you to download software. You will be able to customise your hero's hair, lips, eyes, clothing, boots, capes and weapons.

Choose your superhero's body type. The HeroMachine application allows you to choose male or female body types for your superhero and will allow you to adjust the character's height and skin colour.

Customise your superhero's face and hair. You can choose among a variety of hairstyles and hair colours. Choose your hero's eye shape and colour, then choose the ears, nose and mouth. Pick colours that complement each other.

Select clothing for your superhero. You can choose to have your hero wear traditional tights, body armour, T-shirts and jeans, and other types of clothing. You can also choose a pair of boots or shoes to set off the outfit and give it a hip edge. No costume is complete without a utility belt!

Choose a coat or cape for your superhero. They have a variety of styles for capes and coats. Some capes are long and flowing, while others are shorter and full of attitude. Some of the coats are made like trench coats and give your superhero that anti-hero edge.

Pick out your superhero's weapons. The HeroMachine has a ton of weapons, including firearms, old maces and swords. Choosing the right weapons for your hero will help you complete its look, so take into consideration what type of superhero you are building. Are you building a Punisher-style vigilante who takes on street thugs, or a Boy Scout Superman type?

Pick a cool background for your superhero picture. The background will put the finishing touches on your superhero picture and will capture your hero's essence. There are different layers of things you can add to the background, such as lightning strikes.

Name your superhero. Come up with a name that will set your superhero apart from the rest and that suits that hero's personality. After you pick a name, save your hero and print out the picture.

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