How to Care for Python Snake Skin Handbags

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A python snakeskin handbag is a serious investment. Exotic-skin handbags such as this are very expensive, so you want to pay careful attention to how you treat and care for the purse to ensure a long life.

Be careful where you take the bag. While a handbag should be used and enjoyed, you want to be careful not to take the bag out in extreme rain or snow. Damp weather such as humidity and rain or snow can cause the bag to absorb moisture and result in peeling scales. Check the weather to make sure it will be a reasonably dry day before taking your python snakeskin handbag out. You can invest in a plastic bag that snaps around the body of the bag to protect it if damp weather occurs while you are already out of the house.

Do not use leather conditioners or cleaners of any sort. Unlike most leather handbags, a python snakeskin handbag does not require any conditioners or cleaners. Python is reasonably soft to begin with and will become softer with use. Cleaners are not required because the chemicals can cause cracking in the skin and also discolouration.

Wipe the bag clean. Should you spill something on your python snakeskin handbag, simply pat it clean with a cotton rag or cloth. Do not rub the moisture into the bag, but instead place the cloth on the area and allow the cloth to soak up the contents on its own. Beyond that, allow the bag to air-dry on its own, and never apply any heated items such as a blow-dryer on the skin.

Avoid storing the bag in a sunlit area. Keep your python snakeskin handbag in mint condition by storing it in a dust bag or on a shelf away from the sun. Sitting in the sun for hours on a daily basis can cause the skin to dry out, crack and peel.

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