How to Clean Bean Bag Toys

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Bean bag toys have been a staple toy in households for many years. They typically come in the form of animals, people and other kid-friendly objects. Unlike traditional stuffed toys, they include small beads or pellets, often made from PVC.

They have less stuffing inside, which gives each toy a floppier, squishier consistency. These toys are designed to be played with, but often are collected by hobby enthusiasts. For either purpose, these delicately crafted toys often need gentile cleaning to be rid of germs or to help a collector maintain the value of their collectable item.

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Gently vacuum loose dirt or dust from your toy before using any wet cleaning techniques. This will help protect against the dirt smearing and potentially ruining your bean bag toy. Use a feather duster for a less dirty toy.

Dampen a soft washcloth with a small amount of warm water and antibacterial dish soap. Use a gentle and even stroke pattern to remove stains and harmful bacteria.

Rinse the soap off your washcloth and wipe away any soap residue that remains on the toy.

Allow your bean bag toy to air-dry indoors and away from direct sunlight to prevent the toy's colour from fading.