How to make toys with recycled products

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Teaching your children how to reuse and recycle materials can be a valuable lesson for life. Encourage their creativity and watch their imaginations in action as children work to create new toys out of old materials. Save money from buying toys while helping to keep materials out of landfills. Making new toys out of recycled products is also a great way for you and your children to spend quality time together.

Use a cardboard box as the foundation for the house. Cut out windows and doors.

Decorate the house with paint, markers, crayons, pencils or stickers.

Furnish your toy house. For example, a juice box can be made into a bed or couch. Lids to soda or water bottles can act as chairs or stools. A small plastic container can be a bathtub or pool.

Embellish your house with scraps of fabric or bottle labels. These can be made into carpets, curtains and bedding.

Cut out pictures from magazines. These can serve as decorative wall art or the picture on the television screen.

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