How to shave your head with an electric razor

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Men who suffer from partial baldness or prefer the aesthetics of a bald head apply various techniques to maintain the look. The frequency of shaving will depend on how quickly your hair grows and whether or not you mind a bit of stubble. Shaving your head with an electric razor is a bit different than shaving with a standard razor in that there is less chance of nicks and scratches. However, electric razors do not usually allow you to get as close of a shave as do standard razors. You will likely have to shave your head more often with an electric razor.

Cut hair to a length of 1cm using hair clippers. It’s difficult to shave your head with an electric razor if your hair is longer than that. Run the hair clipper lengthwise along your head. Continue doing so until your hair is no longer than 1cm.

Take a shower. It’s best to shave your head with an electric razor when your hair is already wet. Make certain that the water is hot. This will open up your hair follicles and prevent the chance of ingrown hairs.

Apply shaving gel or lubricant to your scalp. The exact product that should be used depends on the type of electric razor that you are using. If you are using a standard electric razor, apply a pre-shave lotion to your head, rather than shaving cream or gel. Allow it to sit for five minutes before you shave your head. If you are using an electric razor that can be used in the shower, apply shaving cream or gel to your scalp.

Shave your head using an electric razor. For best results, start shaving at your forehead. Shave the hair off from front to back using long strokes. Next, shave the sides of your head from front to back in long strokes. Use a small, hand-held mirror to examine the back of your head while shaving.

Get into the shower. Wash your head using gentle soap or shampoo. Remove all traces of hair and any gel or lotion that was used before shaving your head.

Apply aftershave lotion to your head. This will soothe your head, which will likely be irritated after shaving it. Follow the instructions on the bottle in terms of how much to use on your head.

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