How to Adjust the Watch Band on a Festina Watch

Festina started out as a Swiss watch company in the early 1900s, and in 1984, moved their operations to Spain. The band designs on Festina watches vary from metal to leather straps. How you resize the band will depend on the style. It is possible to modify some bands at home.

Move the spring bar clasp above the link you want to remove. Pull on the back of the clasp to release it and move it towards the watch face until it sits on the part of the band you want to keep.

Turn the watch over and look for an arrow showing the proper direction to remove the pin. Set the band on a stable surface, such as a table, with the arrow downward. Not all Festina bands will have this feature. In this case, it does not matter which direction you push the pin.

Use a pin pusher to remove the pin that holds the link you wish to take off. This will be the pin directly above the link. A pin pusher is a specialised tool for resizing metal watch bands. There are several types of pin pushers available. Follow the directions provided with your tool for proper application. Straight pin pushers will require a small hammer. Place the tool on the pin head and tap gently with the hammer.

Grasp the loose pin with needle-nose pliers and pull it away from the band. The link should disengage and shorten the band.

Place the band on your wrist and thread the buckle. Pull upward on the end of the band so that the watch band is pulled snugly around your wrist.

Push the prong of the buckle against the leather band. Make a small mark on the leather with a pen or marker where the prong pushes upward. This will indicate where you will create a new hole.

Use a small leather punch, or any tool capable of puncturing the material, to create a hole in the leather at the mark. Press on the inside of the band, the side that sits next to your skin, to puncture the leather.

Wrap the watch around your wrist a second time and thread the end through the buckle. Pull on the strap until the buckle reaches the new hole. Push the prong through the hole you made and finish buckling the band.

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