How to Remove a Lever Door Handle

a door handle image by Vadim Grinco from

Your door has a lever-style handle that you want to remove, but you can't find the screws. How do you get if off? There has to be a way; you know that someone had to install it. There is no need to worry or call someone for help; you can do this job yourself with two basic hand tools.

Search underneath your lever door handle. You will find a hole that contains a set screw. A set screw also is on the opposite handle. These screws are used to hold the handles in place to keep them from falling off.

Open your Allen wrench set and find the appropriate size wrench that will fit into the hole. An Allen wrench set contains several size wrenches hinged into one hand-held case. To use the Allen wrench, simply lift out the wrenches one at a time to locate the size you need.

Insert the tip of your Allen wrench into the set screw hole and turn it counterclockwise. This will loosen the set screw and allow you to pull the handle off. Just pull on the opposite handle and it will come out of your door along with the barrel that holds the handles.

Remove the two screws on the interior faceplate, using your Phillips-head screwdriver. Your faceplates are the two flat metal pieces on both sides of your door. These plates cover the holes that were cut in the door for your handle and the door latch. The screws are located at the top and bottom of the interior faceplate. After you have removed the screws, both the interior and exterior faceplate will come off.

Remove the two screws holding your door latch, using the Phillips-head screwdriver. You'll see a screw above and below the latch. Pull out the entire latching mechanism.