How to Make a Beaded Double Hair Comb

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Beaded double hair combs add colourful decoration to your hair style. It's simple to make beaded double hair combs to fit any occasion. Add crystal beads for a more glamorous look or make the combs with wooden beads for a casual design. The size of the combs can also vary based on personal preference. Just use the same size for both sides

Drill four sets of evenly spaced holes across the length of each hair comb spine. Each set has two holes, side by side. Drill the holes slowly so as not to melt the plastic.

Place the hair combs side by side with the teeth of the combs facing each other.

Cut a 50-inch length of elastic cording. Do not stretch the cord. Add a crimp bead to one end of the cord. Crimp the bead with crimping pliers.

Thread one end of the cord up through the first drilled hole in the first set along the left hair comb spine. Gently pull the cord through the hole to the crimp bead stopper.

Thread on any design of seed beads and 4mm beads that you like to the cording. The length of the bead strand determines the width of space between the double hair combs. For example, adding 6 inches of beads to the cord will result in a 6-inch beaded section across the back of your head when you place the combs.

Insert the cording down through the first hole in the first set of the right hair comb spine. Pull the cord until the beads rest against the spine. Insert the cording back up through the second hole in the first set on the right spine.

Thread beads in any design equal to the length of the first row of beads. As you create your beaded row, offset the large and small beads so that the large beads do not lie side by side.

Insert the cording back down through the second hole in the first set on the left hair comb spine. At this point, the two hair combs are connected by a double strand of beads.

Insert the cording up through the first hole in the next set on the left hair comb spine.

Repeat Steps 5 through 9 to make three more sets of beaded strands across the two combs.

Finish the project by crimping a bead on the underside of the left hair comb, after you make the last strand.

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