How to clean a rabbit fur hat

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When it comes to cleaning all types of fur, you are a little limited in how intensively you can clean a fur garment. Because fur comes from an animal and is so fragile and delicate, often requiring very specific environments for storage, cleaning it is an equally delicate process. For example, you cannot put a fur garment in the washing machine or scrub it with a soapy rag. Nevertheless, there steps you can take to clean your rabbit fur hat and improve its appearance without seeking the help of professional cleaners or a furrier.

Take the hat outside and hold each side of the hat with either hand. Hold the fur hat upside down.

Shake the hat vigorously. If there is an active breeze or wind, let the fresh air blow through the fur. This is useful particularly if your hat has been in storage for awhile and has a mothball or musty smell.

Stroke the fur gently with your hand to remove any implanted, stuck-on or dried-on debris.

Brush the fur in the direction of the grain with a soft, natural-bristle hair brush. This will help remove any embedded dust.

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