How to find who is calling me by phone number?

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Unwanted calls during dinner and late at night can be more than a little annoying, and some telemarketing companies go beyond annoying. Companies that call your home multiple times a day become intrusive and even disturbing. Luckily, most people have caller ID that shows the number that is calling you.

With just the phone number, you can do a reverse phone lookup to find the name attached to that phone number.

Go to a reverse phone lookup website. Several online sites such as and allow you to input a phone number to find the name or business registered to that phone.

Enter the complete phone number, including the area code, into the phone number text box. Once entered, click the "Find" or "Search" button. This takes you to a screen providing all public information available on the phone number such as location and name.

Enter the phone number into the search box of any Internet search provider such as Yahoo or Google with quotations around the phone number (for example: "555-555-1234"). This may give you information about telemarketing companies using illegal practices unavailable in reverse phone lookup databases.