How to Change the Number of Rings on My iPhone

The iPhone is a smartphone designed and manufactured by Apple. The phone is packed with intelligent features including texting, a portable media player, visual voicemail, a camera, Internet access, and a multi-touch virtual keyboard. By default, the iPhone is set to ring for 20 seconds before going to voicemail. If 20 seconds is too short or too long for your liking, the length of time the phone rings can be changed.

Press the “Phone” icon in the bottom dock on your iPhone.

Press the “Keypad” icon from the options on the bottom of the screen.

Enter “*#61#” on the keypad and press the “Call” button. An information screen will then appear.

Write down the “Voice Call Forwarding” number.

Press the “Dismiss” button to return to the keypad.

Enter “61” followed by the “Voice Call Forwarding” number from step 4, followed by “_11” and then “_s#”. Replace the “s” with the number of seconds you want your phone to ring before going to voicemail. The format should look similar to “_61_12545443049_11_20#”.

Press the “Call” button to enter the number. A screen will appear to tell you if this was successful.

Press the “Dismiss” button to return to the keypad. The ring length has been changed.

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