How to Make Wedding Favors

Help out your favorite bride-to-be with these crafty ideas.

Fill clear glass ornament balls with dried flowers. Insert a ribbon with the name of the couple and the date written in silver or gold. Tie a bow of white ribbon on top.

Have a white ribbon printed with the bride and groom's names. Tie it in a bow and place it on top of some big silver bells.

Decorate small vine wreaths with dried flowers to match the bride's bouquet. These make cute napkin rings.

Cut the stamens out of some long-stemmed, white silk or plastic roses. Fill small mesh bags with rice and tie the tops with white or silver curling ribbon. Hot-glue a mesh bag into the middle of each flower. Untie the bows if you want to toss the rice at the bride and groom.

Make labels with the date of the wedding and the bride and groom's names on them. Stick them to bottles of bubbles.

Have a wedding portrait drawn by a court reporter or newspaper cartoonist.

Instead of a guest book, take Polaroid pictures and have guests sign their pictures. Put these pictures into a photo album.

Have the bridesmaids carry lanterns, which will double as bridesmaids' gifts. Cover them with ivy or flowers.

Make party crackers, with fun gifts placed inside of empty paper towel rolls, wrapped in pretty tissue paper. Tie the ends with curling ribbons.

Have postcards made using the best engagement photos and write a special note on each.

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