How to Decorate a Church Window for Easter

There's no doubt you want your church to look especially beautiful during Easter, as the resurrection of Jesus is perhaps the most important event in the Christian faith. There are several different ways that you can decorate a church window for Easter.

The church colours for Easter are white and gold, but you may want to consider a window that changes throughout the Easter season--incorporating the purple of Lent, the black of Good Friday and the white and gold of Easter.

Assess the space you have. The window that you want to decorate will play a big role in the type of options you have. For example, some windows are display windows, which allows you to create a three-dimensional display. Others are simply flat windows, where you will have to tape the decorations to the window. On a very large window, you may be able to incorporate all the images of Easter, such as The Last Supper, Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. On a smaller window, you may only be able to focus on one image.

Decide on a design. Visualise what you want the window to look like and what materials you have with which to decorate. For example, you may want to base your design on the actual images of Easter or you may want to focus the design on flowers, another symbol of life. If you decide to go with flowers, use a flower that comes in bulb form, which also dies and comes back to life.

Make the crafts. Invite other church members to help you create the designs if it's too much to handle on your own. You could make designs out of paper or fabric. If you have a three-dimensional space, you can create three-dimensional models. You may want to include the word "Hallelujah" somewhere in the design.

Place the decorations in the window. Consider changing the theme based on the day. You could show The Last Supper on Thursday, drape the window in black on Friday and display the main Easter theme on Sunday. If you are using this method, try to change the design late in the evening or early in the morning, so that most people won't see it until the day it is meant to be seen.