How to Set Up a Fax Machine Using One Line

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A fax machine is a great communication tool. It allows you to send and receive documents to other fax machines throughout the world. However, fax machines work over phone lines. If you have only one phone line in your home, it can thus be difficult to set up a fax machine and doing so can create some problems. Still, you may not want to get another dedicated line for your fax machine, and it is certainly possible to set up your fax machine using your single phone line.

Purchase a telephone jack splitter. This item will allow you to connect your fax machine to the same phone line as your phone jack without unplugging your phone. It also allows you to have your phone and fax machine plugged in at the same time.

Connect the fax machine to the phone jack using a standard telephone cord. The fax machine will have an input option where the phone line is supposed to go that is labelled.

Obtain a distinctive phone number if you can. This is a service provided from phone companies that allows you to assign a distinctive ring to a fax so you don't accidentally answer the phone when a fax is coming through. There is usually a small cost associated with this of around £3 or £6 per month. If you don't want to pay for a distinctive ring, you can request that people call you before sending a fax. This way, you'll be aware that a fax is about to come through and you'll know not to answer the phone when it rings, until the fax has arrived.

Set up your distinctive ring, if you have requested one. To do this, you'll have to set your fax machine so it will work with your distinctive ring service. The option to do this is normally found under "fax receiving options" although it may be different on your fax machine. Your manual can specifically explain how to do this function, which generally involves letting the machine know that a distinctive ring feature has been chosen.

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