How to Make Stretchy Hair Combs

Stretchy hair combs work very well for easy updo hairstyles on medium length or longer hair. Of course, you can buy double stretch combs, but the selection is rather limited. Making your own double stretch combs allows you to choose the type of comb you prefer, as well as the bead design and colours that suit your personal style. Choose smaller combs for children and larger, heavier ones for especially thick hair.

Mark four to eight points, evenly distributed, on each of two hair combs to create a double hair comb. Use four points for average-sized hair combs; add more points for very long combs.

Thread beads onto a 1-yard length of clear stretchy beading cord. Knot and glue the cord onto the first marked point of the left-hand comb.

Hold the combs with the teeth facing one another. Bring the beading thread from the left-hand comb over to the first marked point on the right-hand comb. Wrap around, then cross to the second point on the left-hand comb and wrap.

Bring the thread across to the third point on the right-hand stretchy comb, then down to the last marked point on the left-hand comb.

Cross from the last marked point on the left-hand comb to the last marked point on the right-hand comb. Bring the stretch cording across your stretchy hair combs and up to the third point on the left-hand comb.

Continue working in diagonals until you are back to the top of the stretchy hair combs. Secure with a knot and glue at the end of the comb.

Cut a 1-yard length of stretchy beading cord to wrap the top of each hair comb. Thread the beading elastic through the first tooth on the comb and knot securely. Apply a small drop of epoxy glue onto the knot on the top of the stretchy hair comb.

Slide beads onto the cord. Use one larger bead or several smaller beads, depending upon your preferences. Allow enough beads to cover the top of the comb from one tooth to the next.

Wrap around the comb, threading through the next tooth of the comb or between the teeth as appropriate for your comb.

Continue wrapping the top edge of the comb, adding beads as you go until you have covered the flat band on the comb with beading. Knot tightly and secure the knot with a small amount of glue. Repeat these steps for the second hair comb to finish making your double stretchy hair comb.

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