How to Identify Authentic Armani Jeans

While Giorgio Armani only began designing in the mid 1970s, he quickly established himself as an elegant designer. His clothing is identified by flawless tailoring and relaxed yet classic designs. This tailoring extends to all his products, notably his jeans. While consumers of fine goods can appreciate such elements, Armani jeans often are knocked off and made with poorer craftsmanship and substandard materials. Distinguishing real Armani jeans from fake ones is easy; you simply must examine the details.

Look for the Certificate of Authority (COA). Makers of Armani jeans usually attach this certificate to a belt loop of the jeans. The certificate is covered in plastic and held by a strong blue string. Most often there is a plastic security piece adhered to the jeans as well. Some fake jeans might have these elements as well. Look closely at the string. Fake jeans often have flimsy blue string.

Search for the Armani watermark on the COA. If you hold the certificate up to the light "Giorgio Armani" should appear. Fake Armani jeans will not have this detail. Most often, the authentic "Giorgio Armani" stamp will be visible without holding it up to the light.

Look and feel for the words "Giorgio Armani" at the bottom of the certificate. Authentic Armani jean designers created these words with minute speckles of textured coloured particles, making them highly difficult to imitate. Real Armani jeans will boldly possess this detail visible to your eyes and present under your fingertips.

Hunt for the words "Fedrigoni Cartiere SPA" on the Certificate of Authority. Fake jeans won't have these words or, if they do, they won't be printed very vividly or legibly. Real Armani jeans will have this detail in a vivid print and font.

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